10% OFF Sale

As our 30% Batman t-shirt sale ended today, we have added a new code to our site that will save 10% off everything in stock. The code is 10offtshirtsale4superhero. At the time of checkout, you will be asked for a code. Just enter this and save 10% off your order. This sale starts today and ends the 31st of August. This is a great chance for anyone who missed our Batman t-shirts sale to get into the superhero spirit.

X-Men Origins

So, I went to see X-Men Origins on Sunday and I got to say it was pretty decent although not that great. The story was a little wierd though. First, from my understanding, Logan is in the NW territority in Canada in 1840s and if I am not mistaken it was created in the 1870s. I guess history has a way of writing itself in comic books. The action was pretty awesome, the acting was ok, but the plot was a little iffy. It’s a great movie for the superhero lover, but if you are just going to see it and don’t actually know much about the character, you may not like it. I’d give it about a 3 out of 5 stars, but hey, I’m no film critic.

The foundation

We have began to work on our site in the hope that we will bring you  a great product at a great price. As we begin working on the site and uploading products and approve the appearance of the site, feel free to look and browse around. We begin to start selling products live on January 1st and the prices and sizes as of now are simply place holders. We are starting small with just supehero t-shirts, and then begin to implement movie, tv shows, pop cultural, 80s, sports, and many other licensed t-shirts. We plant to start small and grow to become the best online source for your pop cultural needs.

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