The Watchmen movie opens tomorrow and it has many anxious fanboys drooling. If you haven’t heard about the movie (must be living in Antartica), here a couple of clips from the release on March the 6th.

This movie is based off of the Watchmen graphic novel of the late 80s which was the only graphic novel to be named one of the most 100 important pieces of literature in the 20th century. This movie definitely has potential, but to me it looks like the Dark Knight with different superhero characters. Same style of camera angles and same sort of action sequences. So for me the jury is out and besides I am much more of Marvel guy than a DC guy. I will probably wait until this hits the cheap theaters.

Once you see the Watchmen, let me know what you think (along with how much of a fan you were of the characters before you went to see the movie) and stop by our site at the T-Shirt Bin. We currently offer four Watchmen t-shirts for the movie.

Here are the four.

watchmen doctor manhattan t-shirt

Watchmen Doctor Manhattan t-shirt

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Watchmen Comedian t-shirt

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Watchmen Rorschach t-shirt

watchmen t-shirt

Poster Watchmen t-shirt

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